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Social Media Plugins

by ROC May 2021

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress 

If you have landed here, you might be looking for the best special media plugins for your WordPress. Well, three are so many plugins available that it becomes so difficult for beginners to pick one. To help you out, we have listed some of the best plugins for WordPress that you can install right now without thinking twice. These plugins will not only boost the traffic but also get more followers. 

Trendy Social Media Plugins For WordPress!

Are you struggling with finding the right plugins for social media? If yes, you are in the right place. Check out the list and find the one that is right for your business.

  • Shared Counts

Looking for a lightweight social media plugin? If yes, Shared Counts is an awesome plugin for WordPress. It provides you with the fastest and user-friendly social media plugin. Shared counts include numerous styling options for the share button from which you can choose the one you like the most for your website. Moreover, you can automatically inject the buttons wherever you wish to before or even after the post content. The shared counts were created while keeping in mind the site performance for both, small and large websites. Also, it carries very unique, and creative catching methods which have a very minor impact on on-site overhead. 

  • Better click to tweet

Have you ever seen any quote boxes on the website? If not, then let us tell you that there are customized quote boxes on several trendy blogs. But, how do they work? Well, these quote boxes permit its users to share the quote on Twitter very conveniently. Provides you with premium styles that you can directly add with just a few clicks. Better-to-click tweet plugins are a new edition, a better version of Click twits with a lot more features that you’ll not get in the previous ones. It is also a user-friendly plugin so, what you can do with it? 

  • You can change the Twitter username 
  • You can remove the vis@username from each text box 

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  • Nova Share (social media plugins)

Have you got bored with all the older plugins and those monotonous features? Then, here is the freshly released social sharing plugin. It only adds 2 requests and 6 KB at the front end of your website. It is an extremely lightweight and fast plugin that would not slow down the pace of your site. It uses inline SVG icons which means that just for the icons there are no additional libraries required. It is a significant feature as nova share becomes lightweight. Here nova share holds a competitive advantage as all other sites use third-party icons, unlike nova share. It also has a CLICK TO TWEET BLOCK and a shortcode that you can use for quotes which will ultimately help in increasing the number of shares. 

Some Remarkable Features:-

  • Click To Tweet Feature
  • It enables you to PIN PINTEREST IMAGES
  • Feature of UTM TAGGING

At times whenever you face any difficulty while using something online, you are unable to get proper service help. But nova share has taken care of the customer help and support system. Clients can directly interact with the developers as there is no outsourcing here. 

  • Social Snap | The popular social media plugins

Social snap is known as the power station of social sharing plugins. It has several unique features that make it stand out. It supports more than 30 popular social networks and also enables you to place share buttons at various places with a shortcode for optimum results which is a rare feature. You can also customize the buttons as it gives you complete control over its design.

You can opt for the shape, size, labels, and color of your own choice. You are also allowed to add a little animation to the buttons that make it more attractive and appealing. Social snap also has a feature to boost your posts as it automatically brings your old posts to life by posting them on social networks. Also, it’s really important to control and modify how your posts are displayed on social media for which it offers social media tags which improves SEO and engagement.

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  • Social warfare plugin

This plugin is extremely rich in features and is considered one of the best WordPress social plugins. The share buttons that social warfare offers are both lightning-fast, and beautiful. So, it will not slow down your site, unlike other WordPress social sharing plugins. You have a choice to opt from the top social network sharing buttons, which are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Interest
  • LinkedIn 
  • Google+
  • Mix

This plugin comprises of two versions:

  • Free version
  • Pro version 

The former version consists of all the basic features that no one needs just to set up social sharing on your site. But, if you want advanced features then you should opt for the pro version. 

  • Easy Social Share plugin (social media plugins)

It is one of the best social media plugins for WordPress. Easy social share plugins contain everything that one needs to connect to their sites. Recently they have also released a new version of it that is the 7.2 version of the easy social share plugin. The plugin also has many cut edge features that will help you multiply your subscribers, grow your followers, increase your social share, and much more. 

  • Monarch by elegant themes

Monarch is a social share plugin that can greatly increase your social sharing activity on the site. It gives you in-depth design customization options and statistics. The plugin has the unique feature of enabling you to add the buttons at various places, including flight which is used for adding email subscriptions. Also, if you are looking for a plugin that can get you a high number of social shares even on mobile phones then the monarch is good to go because it lets you add social media sharing buttons on mobile sites. However, to download this plugin you will require a license for elegant themes.

  • Jetpack

Jetpack is a known and popular WordPress social media widget. Out of the many features that it adds to your blog, the main feature is that it allows you to add sharing buttons on the WordPress site. It works as a tool kit for WordPress, Jetpack offers you some interesting features and that are:

  • It offers daily backups and spam protection. 
  • You get a stronger site through secure logins. 
  • It loads your page faster and makes your visitors happy. 
  • It increases your crowd through automatic sharing.
  • Share buttons by AddToAny

AddToAny enables you to add more than 100 sharing buttons. One of the best features that it offers is that it lets you use google analytics to track your social media sharing. The reason why this stands out is that it comes with a lot of customization options for your state buttons. The share buttons that it offers are extremely responsive which makes it all the more preferable.

  • Sassy social media sharing plugin

The sassy social media sharing plugin allows users to share their content over 100 social platforms and bookmarking services. A unique feature of this plugin is that it integrates with myCred, through which you can reward those users and visitors who share your content. Also, it does not add any browser cookies to your site. This plugin is not at all time-consuming, this does not even require you to create an account. 


  • When compared with other plugins, you will find that it takes less loading time.
  • The support team is active 24/7 to assist the customers
  • It is mobile responsive, icons can be adjusted according to the width of the mobile.
  • Customizable options for share buttons


Hopefully, after reading the above article you can find a WordPress social media plugins that is best for you. There are many more plugins also available out there. But these were some of the best-known Social media plugins for WordPress sites. The list mentioned will surely reduce the confusion of choosing the best plugin from the hundreds of options available. However, before finalizing WordPress social media widget, you should keep in mind that for what purpose do you want it. The choice and type of plugin would vary for a blogger to a marketer, etc. 

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