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by ROC Apr 2021

Geotargeting in WordPress | Benefits, How to do & More!

Geo-Targeting is the response based on a Geo-Location. You might have observed many a time, different responses by the search engine on the same query, operated from different places. Well, that is because of geo-targeting. After identifying the visitor’s location, based on its IP, or WiFi and GPS data, the specific content to that location is served. Though, the location can be a different country or a different city.In simple words, Geotargeting in WordPress identifies the visitor’s location and then presents content that’s pertinent to that location.

How geo-targeting works? 

There are a lot of ways to geolocate users and use that data to a great effect. Like displaying information about nearby events, or displaying targeted ads. The main benefit of geolocation information is to illustrate highly targeted content to engage the users more. And also to improve the conversion rates.

Who needs to Geo-Target its content?

Websites looking for worldwide audiences could get benefitted from geotargeting their content. The API is used to show the precise content based on the user location or taking the users to the appropriate pages. The affiliate sites like online games sites, need to target the clients of the specific regions and show more profitable bonuses. A real estate website uses geotargeting to display precise real estate listings in the visitor’s area. 

The various eCommerce sites having different region-specific products for the users need geotargeting in WordPress.  Websites like eBay, Amazon and many other eCommerce websites display pages that are more pertinent to a particular part of the world. There may be several motives to consider offering changeable content to different audiences, like:

  • Display of local language instigates confidence in visitors about the site.
  • Helps in locating nearby branch or store
  • Helps eCommerce sites to confine exhibiting the products not available in a particular area.
  • It helps in highly targeted local advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • It helps to customize prices, offers, coupons, and currency.
  • It helps in displaying the customer service by showing the delivery areas, operating hours, etc.
  • It helps to restrict the spam traffic, which has low conversion rates.
  • Helps in displaying country-specific information like legal laws, local tax implications
  • Helps to target the specific areas where there is a high demand for your products or services.
  • Most importantly it helps to secure your website from overseas hackers.

There are no grounds why your website too should not provide content based on visitors’ location. And for this, you need WordPress geotargeting plugins. 

How to add Geolocation to WordPress?

Geolocation can easily be added to WordPress using Geolocation plugins. In WordPress, Geolocation plugins serve 3 functions: 

  • Location tracking – Geotargeting Plugins track the user’s location without even asking the user and save it in WordPress.
  • Content blocking – Geotargeting plugins help to demonstrate or hide the few selected parts or content of a site, based on the visitor’s location. Some plugins may even be used to block the complete access of a site.
  • Content tagging  – Geotargeting in WordPress can also be used to add location tags to pages or posts. It helps the users to find other people nearby.

There are many free and premium plugins available to enhance websites for a global audience.

Check Out The Few Plugins That Can Help In Geotargeting In WordPress!


Here we have enlisted a few WordPress Geolocation Plugins that use geographic data in diverse behaviour.

1. WPForms 

WPForms is the easiest form of a plugin to use. It can be even used without any training.  This trouble-free drag and drop WordPress form builder allows one to create contact forms, online surveys, order forms, etc. in hardly any minutes without using any code. WPForms are prebuilt in WordPress form templates and can be easily customized per the requirement. WPForms comes with lots of filters to add custom functionality also. 

It is noted that WPForms (plugin for geotargeting in WordPress) is not compatible with the platform. It needs a self-hosted version of WordPress to utilize.

Features of the Geolocation addon for WPForms you must know about – 

  • Address Autocomplete – This feature works with the Google Maps API or the Algolia Maps API. WPForms helps the site visitors to locate the place using the autocomplete feature. As the user puts in his location, the map locates. The user can also pin a point on the map to define the location. Turning on the geolocation browser popup, speed up the process and automatically sense the location, and move the map to the precise position.
  • Form Entry Geolocation – With this geolocation addon, WPForms captures the locations of all the users submitting forms on the site.

2. MonsterInsights | Plugins for Geotargeting in WordPress

One of the best analytics plugins for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It lets WordPress connect to Google Analytics. Using MonsterInsights one can easily observe the website’s performance. It also gives precise demographics of users.

Various features of MonsterInsights (geotargeting plugin in WordPress) which make it the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin are:

  • Universal Tracking – One can easily set up universal website tracking across various devices with just a few clicks and without using any code.
  • EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly)- MonsterInsights has an EU Compliance addon, making Google Analytics compliant with GDPR, and easy to immobilize certain trackers to fulfil the privacy laws.
  • Affiliate Link & Ads Tracking – MonsterInsights helps in tracking the clicks on the affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links with link tracking
  • Google Analytics Dashboard- MonsterInsights provides the website analytics report right inside the WordPress dashboard, suggesting actionable insights also.
  • Performance & Optimize- MonsterInsights enables Google Optimize for A/B testing, adjusting the speed, and several other advanced features.
  • Page-Level Analytics- MonsterInsights provides detailed stats for each post and page of the site.
  • Custom Dimensions- One can very easily set up tracking for various categories, tags, searches, users, and other events in just one click.
  • Real-time Stats- MonsterInsights provides real-time stats right inside WordPress to see which user is online, what is he doing, and much more.

    3. TrustPulse Plugin

    Trust pulse is used with WordPress to display real user activity.  It puts a map, a location, or your visitors’ social proof in the customizable pop-ups on the website. In this way, it is an awesome social proof tool that makes your site look relevant and trustworthy to visitors. It can also be used to track sales conversions.

    4. Geolocation Plugin

    This free plugin allows users to geotag and add geodata to the posts and pages in WordPress. It can be used to add a location or address to any piece of content. The address can be put at the top or bottom or any custom location. This geolocation plugin also allows the visitor to hover over the location to see a popup map. This plugin works with Google Maps API and uses shortcodes to show the maps. It can show locations for multiple posts on one map or multiple locations for one post.

    5. Geotargeting In WordPress Plugin

    Geotargeting Pro is the most useful plugin for affiliate sites that need to show diverse versions of their sites to different visitors, based on their location. Various shortcodes are used to display the content based on the location of the visitor.

    It can also be used to display or hide products on eCommerce websites, based on the visitor’s location.

    6. CF Geo Plugin

    CF Geo is the best currency conversion geolocation plugin for WordPress. It detects the visitors’ location and customizes the content as well as the prices also. This plugin can also be used to add geographical data and maps to the posts. CF Geo can also block the visitors of any exact locations if you want to prevent them from accessing the site. CF Geo is Shortcode and Cloudflare compatible. It can also geotag posts and pages on the site.

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    7. iQ Block Country Plugin

    iQ Block Country Plugin is the best security plugin to restrict access to the site based on location. It detects the visitor’s IP address and restricts access. It can also be used to restrict access to specific posts or pages as well. It’s effective to block hackers and spam comments. This is a GDPR compliant plugin. To use this iQ Block Country plugin, you will need to download the GeoIP database or obtain an API from a third party for gaining access to geo-data.

    8. GEO My WordPress Plugin

    GEO My WP plugin can be used to geotag different parts of the website. It can be used for business directories, community sites, and dating sites, or location-dependent sites. The visitors can hunt for posts based on the locality or distance using maps. It displays custom maps using shortcodes. Geo My WP is WP Job manager compatible and has an address autocomplete feature also. It is compatible with all WordPress themes

    9. Simple Location Plugin

    Simple Location is another free WordPress plugin that allows adding coordinates to any post or comment. The best feature of this app is its capability to save geolocation data from uploaded photos also. This plugin can be best used for a travel blog or to add check-in locations in the post. It also shows the weather information along with the location. Simple Location is WordPress Geodata compatible and supports HTML5 geolocation.

    10. Custom Content by Country Plugin

    Custom Content by Country can be best used to generate Amazon affiliate links. The free plugin can also display or hide the blocks of text with a geolocation shortcode. It also has shortcodes to show the visitors’ country name or IP address on the page. Custom Content by Country is Cloudflare, IP2Nation, and W3 Total Cache compatible.

    11. CloudGuard Plugin

    CloudGuard uses the free Cloudflare geolocation service to spot the visitor’s locality. It can be used to hide the WordPress admin area to the users in specific countries. CloudGuard secures your WordPress login using Geolocation. Using CloudGuard, one can track the total number of visits on a map and who and from where someone is trying to access your login. 

    12. AdRotate Plugin 

    It can be used by eCommerce sites to optimize advertising efforts. It helps in displaying location-specific ads. However, the geotargeting in WordPress is accessible only with the premium version of the AdRotate plugin.

    13. Advanced Ads Plugin 

    It is also a plugin useful for eCommerce websites, helping in highly targeted advertising. It is based on a pro geolocation add-on feature. 

    14. IP Geo Block Plugin

    This plugin provides protection from malicious logins and spam comments, by blocking the designated visitors or IP addresses or even the entire region from accessing your website.  

    15. Geo IP detection Plugin

    This plugin can be used as a shortcode, or via CSS body classes. It works on IP-based geographic information and can help with choosing currencies, nearest branch, etc.

    16. WP Engine Geo Target Plugin

    This plugin displays the content related to the visitors’ position by integrating diverse variables on your WP Engine site.

    17. WooCommerce Geolocation Based Products

    It is an extension for the WooCommerce plugin. It displays or hides the products to customers based on their spot. 

    18. Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress

    This plugin is used to redirect visitors based on a range of criteria such as country, continent, city, or region. It can be used to block specific users or add popups for redirects. This plugin is friendly with Caldera Forms, WMPL, and multi-sites.

    5 Benefits Of Using Geotargeting In WordPress!

    • One can display different location-specific ads or affiliate links to users from different parts of the world. This helps to boost conversion rates and revenue.
    • One can display or limit its content based on the visitor’s location
    • Using a WordPress translation plugin, one can create a multilingual site. Hence one can offer an enhanced user-friendly understanding for international visitors. 
    • Using the WordPress geotargeting plugins one can completely stop people from certain locations from seeing your site.  It can be used to restrict spam traffic and rogue hackers.
    • Geotargeting in WordPress is highly beneficial for eCommerce stores, to offer a more user-friendly experience to their customers. It can be used to display the nearest location, to advertise special offers to precise people, to change tax and prices based on the customers’ location, and display an assortment of products based on customers’ location.

    Final Thoughts

    WordPress geotargeting plugins help in personalizing the content for users based on their locality. It helps to keep visitors better engaged with the relevant content and increase conversion rates. Moreover, geotargeting in WordPress also helps to enhance security features and improves the efficiency of the WordPress website. 

    Whether you want to block particular visitors or show precise affiliate offers to targeted visitors, or redirect users to their native language, geotargeting is helpful in making your WordPress site more customer-targeted and secure. In the long term, it results in building up a loyal audience base.