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bigcommerce vs woocommerce

by ROC May 2021
Website development

Bigcommerce vs WooCommerce | Who Wins The Battle?

If you’re looking for a decent eCommerce platform for your business but have got confused about which one is better, BigCommerce vs WooCommerce? You are not the only one getting confused between both of them, both the e-commerce platforms are the most popular ones, plus both have their pros and cons. 

Here we’ll compare BigCommerce vs. Woocommerce and show in-depth information about each one of them. After reading this article, you’ll be able to differentiate and analyze which features are the best for your online business store. So, are you ready to know which one is the best alternative for you? If yes, they carry forward reading and do not stop!

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What do you expect in your eCommerce platform?

Before moving forward, your foremost step is to evaluate what features you want in your e-commerce platform and on what criteria you’ll choose. 

  • User friendly 

The platform you choose should be easy and convenient to operate, also for beginner-level users, so they can efficiently resolve their problems when needed. 

  • Decide your budget

Have you decided what your budget is to start a website? If not, then hurry up as it is the fundamental set, and you should also do the initial cost of starting plus recurring cost expenses(monthly or yearly)

  • Decide on your payment methods. 

Most importantly, check if the particular platform supports payment gateways you prefer. Thus, it is beneficial to select a forum that promotes multiple gateways. Many times the payment method becomes the only problem for the users. 

  • Scalability 

Do Ensure that the platform you are choosing has the proficiency to fulfill your needs when you grow your business. 

  • Support 

You should choose an effective e-commerce platform that equally supports or guides you at times of problems. Those mentioned above are the vital points that you must remember when choosing an eCommerce platform for your website. 

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What is Bigcommerce?

Bigcommerce store is one of the most used and known e-commerce platforms available, which offers a complete box of different services, including hosting, design, content, SEO, payments, and marketing features. It is called software as a solution ( SaaS ) or an all-in-one platform. As a result, it is easy to create your online business. What you require is to purchase a subscription plan, and you’re good to go with your new online store. On the other hand, commerce lacks in some areas, including customization ability, as it provides limited tools.

 Now let’s introduce to you the woo commercial, So, keep in touch for the complete info.

What is Woocommerce? 

Woocommerce is also one of the most known and effective eCommerce platforms for WordPress. With the help of woo commerce platforms, you can easily convert your website or WordPress blog into an e-commerce store. So exciting! What do you need to do to start your online business store? To create an eCommerce store, you must set up web hosting, install WordPress, woo commerce, and more. Currently, you might find it complicated but, trust me, it’s easy to implement so, try it out! 

BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce- pros and cons

BigCommerce: The pros

  • BigCommerce has the most built-in features of any e-commerce builder.
  • BigCommerce is offering smooth services to several channels, including Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram
  • It has an excellent loading speed
  • Extremely safe and secured
  • Huge variety of themes to choose from, which are very easy to install and modify.

BigCommerce: The cons

  • BigCommerce doesn’t offer any mobile apps
  • The editing interface is hard to understand and navigate
  • High switching costs, it is not easy to transfer your site to another e-commerce platform

WooCommerce: The pros

  • WooCommerce platform offers limitless customization options
  • You can get access to the powerful SEO tools of WordPress
  • It is free to download, which means that you can start your own online business with minimal investment.
  • It allows you to add infinite product lists of various categories.
  • Every kind of payment method is acceptable.
  • There are many WooCommerce plugins that can help you optimize the website.

WooCommerce: The cons

  • WooCommerce doesn’t provide any customer support, which is a big drawback as the customers’ queries are left unsolved.
  • The functionality of its wishlist is a little confusing and tricky
  • No auto-update is provided. You have to take care of the website updates by yourself
  • Releasing a multi-currency site is very time-consuming and challenging.

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce | Know The Difference

  1. Ease of use

BigCommerce is easy to use in comparison to WooCommerce. 

BigCommerce offers a free trial and enables you to launch your store in just three steps: entering your email address, and then you have to plug in the name of your store, and some other details about the brand are to be compiled with. BigCommerce allows you to set up your shop within a few minutes. Once the shop is set up, then the customization of your site, including featuring the process of themes, is convenient. 

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a technical platform. You will need to purchase the web domain to use the domain and the hosting provider. Then once you opt for Bluehost( hosting provider), you will get access to multiple features, including

  • Auto installed WooCommerce
  • Free customer care call
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Pre-installed Storefront theme

When you compare both the e-commerce platforms, you might realize that although both of them are exceptionally good, BigCommerce is easier than WooCommerce. However, WooCommerce would prove a better choice for a more technically expert user or anyone already familiar with such an interface.

  1. Pricing

Before finalizing the best eCommerce platform for you, it’s really important to analyze the cost of each.

WooCommerce is a free plugin, so considering that it will not cost you anything, there are few purchases that you will need to make to run the WooCommerce platform.

  • A theme to set up your store for $40
  • An SSL security certificate costing $9 per year
  • Web hosting cost $10, annually

On the other hand, BigCommerce offers three pricing plans with different features


The standard plan will cost you 29.85 per month, providing you the following

  • A digital store
  • Unlimited storage for files
  • Gift cards
  • Auto image optimization
  • Professional reporting tools

But you do not get any access to its abandoned cart.

  • The Plus plan 

The plus plan of BigCommerce is for 79.95$ per month. However, unlike the standard plan, it will provide you with a saver tool to an abandoned cart.

Other additional features would include

  • A persistent cart feature that will save the customer’s carts even if they click away.
  • The plus plan will allow the customers to save their card details with you
  • It will allow customer segmentation that will prove to be helpful for running more tailored campaigns for marketing. 
  • The pro plan

The pro plan will charge you 299.85$per month. It will provide you with an additional feature to cases to Google customer reviews to collect and show you the customers’ feedback.

Whenever a customer purchases from the BigCommerce store, they will be asked to leave feedback on Google. If they agree to do so, they will be provided a Google survey to fill via Google emails. 

Depending upon the capacity to pay and the features you would want, you can choose from the plans which suit you the best.

3. Payment options

Both WooCommerce and BigCommerce accepts the major credit cards and debit cards and efficiently work along with the international gateways as well including

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Square

You will also get access to BigCommerce’s pre-negotiated transaction rates of credit cards. However, the transaction rates vary depending upon the price plan you have chosen. 

  • Standard: 2.9% + 30c
  • Plus: 2.5% + 30c
  • Pro: 2.2% + 30c
  • Enterprise: 2.2% + 30c (or lower, depending on what you negotiate).

Apart from this, you can also go for a third-party payment processor. With respect to the payment gateway you have chosen, you might need to pay monthly fees or transaction fees. Any processing costs come directly from the payment gateway that you have chosen. There is no transaction of WooCommerce or BigCommerce of its own. 

In comparison with BigCommerce, WooCommerce has slightly more choices available for payment gateways. 

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce: Which shall You Opt For?

To summarize, BigCommerce and WooCommerce both are reliable and worthy eCommerce platforms. However, BigCommerce has proven to be a better choice for those dealing with more extensive or fast-growing businesses. This is because it has a technical approach with respect to the built-in tools and functionality, which will suit best for the business running at a large scale. Whereas, WooCommerce is a better option for businesses of comparatively smaller scale that already have a WordPress. 

Thus, before hopping to the final judgment, you must know the nature and type of your business and then evaluate the pros and cons of each option available. Only then can you make a wiser choice to opt for either WooCommerce or BigCommerce as an ideal e-commerce platform. 

If you are planning to develop an eCommerce platform, you can contact a professional website developer.