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WordPress User Registration Plugins

by ROC May 2021

Best WordPress User Registration Plugin | The List Will Blow Your Mind!

 If you want to have an interactive experience on WordPress, you need to install WordPress user registration plugins to make your website a big attraction to visitors. It would boost your business by enhancing customer experience and relationships. If you want to know more about its helpfulness, have a look at the following points:

  • It will make your website eye-catching which means more customer attraction and more business growth.
  • Plugins can be very useful in case the user wants to post a guest blog for review.
  • Providing discounts and offers to the only registered communities.
  • It is much useful in handling fresh email clients. 

Scroll the List of The Best WordPress User Registration Plugin

After getting to know its worth, you must be looking for user-friendly WordPress registration plugins? We got you! The following catalog of plugins might serve the issue:

1. WordPress User Registraton

It is the brand-new WordPress registration plugin that allows you to create amazing personalized web pages. Creating original forms and plugins is extremely easy with a user registration plugin for all WordPress users. Changes can be easily made on customer’s own registered page and they can visit the page anytime they want. 


  • User-friendly registration forms.
  • Personalized options available for every user that created their profile
  • Very prime features for pro-level users.
  • Provides shortcode for every webpage.
  • Language-friendly.
  • Notifies the users about email.


  • Very helpful and easy for beginner-level users.
  • Secure and powerful password options available.
  • It has an advantage over others being, the latest Word Press registration plugin.
  • It can be installed at zero cost.
  • Can be operated via mobile as well as laptops.


  • Not much use for advanced-level customers.

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2. WP Form

This is yet another user-friendly WordPress registration plugin that allows you to customize your own forms and web pages within a short span of time. It is considered the most recommended plugin among other WordPress plugins. Along with creating forms, it permits users to multi-task via the multi-forms option. 


  • A fully responsive plugin that allows users to create and login to the profile anytime and anywhere they want.
  • It secures the forms and profiles via a spam protection option that do not let any junk email reach the user.
  • It provides installment options to the customers that can be approved via PayPal, Stripe Addon, etc. 
  • It can be accessible with a basic pay of $39.50 /year. 


  • Profiles can be easily designed with the drop and drag feature.
  • Many pre-build templates are available on the plugin.
  • Many forms can be created at one time.
  • Secured profile system with spam protection feature.
  • HTML, XML, PHP Codes can be used to create customized logins and profiles.


  • It is difficult to understand at beginner level.

3. Profile Builder

    Another popular and user-friendly registration plugin that provides users to design original forms and profiles at customer’s ease. It provides cypher texts to create forms on the webpage. You can insert the cyphers so provided and you can give your website a new look. 


    • Re-CAPTCHA has been provided by the plugin that protect the users from scams.
    • You can recover original password, create customized webpages using widgets or short codes.
    • Email is confirmed after registration in order to avoid scams.
    • It’s paid plan starts at $69/year.


    • Advanced features are available in premium paid plans of Profile Builder.
    • You can insert additional fields which are also available in the free trial.


    • The single registration form can be designed with the free plan.
    • It can be complex to understand and use for some users.

    4. Profile Press (Best WordPress User Registration Plugin)

    Profile Press is another best WordPress registration plugin that allows users to create unique and astonishing registration forms via cipher texts. Former can be useful for beginners while advanced users can take advantage of the latter. Basically, three kinds of forms can be created with the help of profile press i.e., Password registration forms, login forms, registration forms. In addition to this, it provides a pre-designed sample for each of the above forms. Moreover, it has integrated with Short-cake to create user-friendly designs on a webpage.


    • No limitation to the number of customized forms and logins.
    • The design of the forms is once pre-viewed before finalizing it.
    • Offers a wide range of themes of forms for users.
    • Enables Woo-commerce user registration, Buddy Press registration, etc.


    • Offers inbuilt designs of password forms, register forms, login forms, etc. 
    • Advanced users can get access to a large number of features with the premium plans.
    • Easy changes can be made while coding as the design can be previewed.
    • Security is ensured with spam protection features.


    • It is not economical for all the users.
    • it might be tough for beginners to learn its usage.
    • It requires users to learn good coding skills. 

    5. Redistration Magic

    It seriously works like magic! With minimal effort and time, you can create stunning forms, designs for your profile. It provides a large variety of in-built design samples which makes it easier to use. Creating plugins with Registration Magic grants you full power over your webpage along with pre-built ciphers that can be easily copy-pasted on the profiles. Furthermore, the paid premium version comes with huge variety of features and extensions. 


    • Full access to the user of the website.
    • Payment options via PayPal.
    • Costs $89 /year.
    • Pre-built cypher texts.


    • Detection of scams and junk mails.
    • Easy login and logout feature.
    • Saves efforts and time.
    • Full Control over the website.


    • Not economical for everyone.
    • Learning such a huge variety of extensions can be perplexing

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    6. Pie Register

    This is yet another best WordPress plugin that allows the users to create website with the latest and updated features including blocking users, role-based directory, etc. Users can customize the websites easily with the drop and drag feature. Like other plugins, this also ensures high security by letting only invited users to register. Besides that, it also offers short codes and ReCAPTCHA text for designing the webpage.

     It further has many FEATURES like:

    • Easy email notifications.
    • Registering only the users that are invited.
    • Easy login and logout facility.
    • Can create amazing designs with unlimited features available.


    • Many features are available on the free version itself.
    • Higher security logins.
    • Integration of PayPal that allows easy payment options.


    • Users might face some problems as some bugging needs to be resolved.

    7. Theme My Login

    Last but not least, we have found an interesting WordPress user registration plugin for 2021. This plugin allows the user to create forms with zero arrangements. Username and password can be recovered without any hassle. Besides that, it offers easy login and logout option with your customized webpage. Integration with easy extensions like ReCAPTCHA, restrictions, redirections, etc. enables users to create beautiful designs. 


    • It avoids hassle with zero arrangement option.
    • Easy login and logout feature attracts more visitors.


    • In-built widgets and extensions.
    • Quick login and logout with just password or email or both.
    • Little or zero arrangements enable easy activation of website.


    • It might be tough to understand by beginner-level users.
    • The extensions might be tough to understand.

    Bottom Line

    We have handpicked the best Word Press registration plugins that will make astonishing forms and web pages. The above-recommended plugins are tried and tested before preparing the list. Read and analyze the pros and cons of each plugin, then select according to your suitability.