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by ROC Jul 2021
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Best WordPress Trends 2021 Will Acknowledge! 

WordPress has gone through numerous additions, improvements, and security updates in the past decade and implemented real ideas technically. It is the top choice of most bloggers, for its rich content and presentation. 

It is laden with countless tools and features. Moreover,  it is getting better and more significant with incredible features and functionalities, with every passing day.

However, sometimes it is difficult to decide where to start and what design to adopt. To help you figure out what you are missing in your website, here we have highlighted the 16 best WordPress trends in 2021.

Best WordPress trends in 2021

WordPress trends in 2021 may see some most incredible trends. Let’s discuss a few fascinating WordPress trends in 2021 to make sure that your website stays ahead of your competitors. 

  • Drag and drop WordPress page builders

The biggest advantage of a WordPress website is that even non-technical experts can create and maintain a WordPress website.

The drag-and-drop WordPress page builder makes this easier.  These days more users are using drag-and-drop page builders as their preferred method of editing a WordPress site. This feature allows instantaneous website changes without the need for any website professional designer. Few page builders like Gutenberg, Customizer, and Elementor are the most popular must-try for in 2021.

Gutenberg allows adding background color, without writing a single line of code. It allows highlighting any particular section of the blog.

Customizer can be used to customize or modify the theme.

Elementor is the most popular page builder as it comes with plenty of extensions, plugins, and pre-made templates. 

  • Versatile multipurpose themes

Availability of multipurpose niche-specific themes is the most popular feature of WordPress, which makes it most loved among bloggers. It provides all the best features required for a website or a business and allows users to use any versatile theme or style of their choice. 

Furthermore, all these themes are customizable, with a bunch of plug-ins to choose from. Therefore, you can create a unique and customized website according to your needs.  So, we will certainly see a rise in the popularity of various multipurpose themes of WordPress in 2021.

  • Chatbots

The chatbots are integrated with the CRM on WordPress, to offer more support to the users.

It permits customers to ask questions anytime. Also, they get answers to their inquiries right away. Chat-bots offer 24*7 hrs support. Moreover, chatbots can handle different inquiries simultaneously. Hence it also reduces the expenses of recruiting a customer care team. The convenience factor of chatbots makes them the most popular plugin on the WordPress site. 

Chatbots can prove to be the most useful addition to your WordPress website. It can help you to understand the human interaction and behavior of your customers. It can really boost the customer interaction and overall customer experience on your website. 

  • VR Optimised Themes

Virtual Reality has changed the way we see the world. Most companies choose Virtual Reality to increase their reach and attract more customers.

WordPress offers fully authorized VR content. This is the best choice for photo and video sites, especially those that sell physical products. With 360-degree images and videos, it has witnessed extensive popularity in 2020. Looking at its popularity, we might see some more surprises in the WordPress trends in 2021

  • Single Page Websites

The appeal and engagement levels of single-page websites have made it the best WordPress trend in 2021. Single-page websites are the best for those who wish to promote a single product. It provides a comprehensive focus on the products or services. 

In fact, being to the point, these single-page websites generate more traffic, consume less time, and attract more customers.

  • One-click demo import 

One-click demo import is the most incredible feature of WordPress in 2021. It helps to import all types of content available in the WordPress demo content in a single click.

This feature helps to import all menus, custom fields, data of used plugins, widgets, comments, images, custom post type content, and all customizer settings.

There are a number of WordPress plugins available, which can be used to import the demo content.

  • The Rise of Mobile-friendly designs

These days mobile users are greater than desktop users. Moreover, this difference is widening day by day. 

So, a mobile-friendly design of the website is the most basic and needed WordPress trend in 2021. It is essential to plan a separate design for mobile and desktop versions of the website. 

You need to focus more on improvising and enhancing the mobile user experience of your website visitors. 

  • Increase in e-Commerce functionality

Today, because of the global pandemic and lockdowns, more and more customers are doing online shopping. Digital payment has become the most convenient and preferable mode of payment. 

In 2021, we hope to see some more improved usefulness and upgrades for e-Commerce, like cryptographic money and other digital currencies.

  • Focus on Accessibility

The importance of maintaining and improving the accessibility for disabled people has come to the fore in 2020.  So the trend of creating an accessible website is worth watching and is expected to continue in 2021 as well.

These days the online content has become more accessible because of smart speakers with voice capabilities. Online content accessibility has improved due to simplified navigation, captioned media, and voice search technology.

  • Expressive Typography

By using typography design tools, you can give different appearances to your WordPress website and can take your website to another level. You can choose designer fonts to highlight the text and also add animations to it.

You can highlight the important content of your website by using headings and typewriter effects. Also, the animations will make your website lively. 

  • Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, and many other voice-activated search assistants have gained huge publicity in 2020. You can also add a voice search plugin to your WordPress site so that your users can use this convenient feature.

To leverage SEO for voice search optimization, you need to use keywords that relate to how people speak versus how they type their queries. So you need to answer the queries of your users in your web content. Just create SEO-friendly content that is specifically suited for voice search optimization.

  • Slider

Sliders are one of the most popular and loved WordPress trends of 2021. The slider makes your product stand out by displaying more content in one place. In this way, they catch the visitors’ attention effectively. 

However, auto-playing sliders are sometimes irritating and annoying. Therefore, if you have set them to autoplay, make sure to set them to a suitable duration.

  • White Spaces

The minimalist theme white space on your website makes your website look simple, uncluttered, and uncomplicated appearance to the website. The large margins on the pages create a user-friendly thumb scrolling website. 

The white space highlights the important content on the web page and hence makes the visitors check the call to action. The minimalistic theme and white spaces are likely to gain popularity in 2021 and beyond.

  • Parallax scrolling

Parallax effect, another most trending WordPress trend in 2021, gives your page a design depth and is great for boosting customer engagement. It offers a great visual impression and a pleasant experience to the site visitors.

Using parallax in the background you can furnish big images in the background. At the time you scroll the web page, you can see another part of this background parallax. 

The different parallax effects can be easily added to the various elements of the website, including text.

  • Video Headers

Video Headers are the latest trend on WordPress. It has become the first choice of the people using WordPress, all around the world. 

These video headers are decorative images with motion. They play automatically, without any sound, and loop by default. , and don’t have sound. When paired with images, these video headers work best.

  • Pop-ups and sticky elements

Pop-ups and notifications grab the attention of the visitors and capture traffic. Mind that too many pop-ups can irritate the visitors forcing them to leave the website. So it is very important to maintain a perfect balance of notifications and pop-ups. 

Also, another WordPress trend of 2021 is the sticky elements. The sticky elements are the messages placed at the top and bottom of the website. These sticky elements are very productive in conveying messages clearly to the visitors. However, they do not pop out but grab attention effectively.

Wrapping up

2021 is going to be an exciting year for WordPress users. Make your website more responsive and engaging with these top 16 WordPress trends in 2021. We are sure that incorporating these best WordPress trends of 2021 into your website will increase traffic and user engagement. 

Keep delighting your visitors and keep up with the competition. If you want to know more about WordPress, you can contact us now.